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Jun 21, 2023


  • If a course requires a mandatory Discord account link, students will now be redirected to a dedicated Discord linking page instead of the user profile edit page.

  • Organization admins can now view ended cohorts and details about students in these cohorts, similar to active cohorts.

  • In the review interface, coaches will now receive a warning prompt if the window is closed with unsaved review data.

  • The coaches’ page in school admin now features an improved UI that is paginated. In addition, an admin can now archive a coach using the editor.

  • The course exports page in admin is now paginated, and exports can be made per cohort.


  • Fixed a bug where having identical level names caused the level dropdown to behave incorrectly in the school admin curriculum editor.

  • Fixed a bug where certificates were not being issued to students if the review of the final milestone occurred after their access had ended.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the account deletion confirmation to crash instead of showing an error when the emails didn’t match in the confirmation window.

Apr 04, 2023


  • Calendars are here! Each course can now have multiple calendars that show students timed events that they need to be aware of. Go through our documentation of this feature to learn more.

  • Submission review notification emails sent to students now include details of grades received.

  • All users can now enter a preferred name in their profile edit page. This name is currently used in all outgoing emails, and it will be used going forward in all new user interfaces and interactions.

  • Continuing our experiments with Discord, we’re also testing mandatory linking of a Discord account to enable access to course content. This feature can only be enabled by developers.

  • Student submissions for a target with a checklist can now be set up to be accepted without review. Viewing of such auto-accepted submissions isn’t possible at the moment, but this will be implemented in a future update.

  • The Choose from a list option in a target’s checklist can now be configured to allow multiple selections.

UI and UX

  • The review checklist’s feedback editor has been streamlined to show itself only when required.

  • A short explanation of the student notes feature is now shown in the student’s report page.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the main navigation bar to not appear when visiting a target page directly.

  • Fixed a data-scoping issue that caused coached added to a cohort to have access to all students in the course. Coaches now have access only to the student data of those within their assigned cohorts.

  • Signing in with OAuth will now allow the browser to properly remember the user’s session, even after the browser is closed.

  • Fixed a visual issue in the submission questionnaire where a question containing pre-formatted text could cause overflow beyond the intended horizontal limits for that element.

  • Fixed a visual bug related to the Sort By button in a course’s students page on mobiles.


  • The LMS now more reliably avoids attempts to send emails to addresses that have previously generated bounce reports.

Jan 05, 2023


  • Users can now change their own email address through a re-verification process; school admins are notified when such email address changes occur.

  • Markdown content now supports video embeds from YouTube and Vimeo using a short snippet: @[vimeo](452610846), for example.

  • We’ve added experimental support for Discord integration with the LMS. This allows school admins to run a Discord server for courses.

  • Coaches now get an email notification if resubmissions from one student for the same assignment are rejected continuously. This is helpful when automation has been set up to review submissions and students are struggling with its requirements.

  • Course completion time is now tracked and included as a part of student data export.

  • Users can now update their registered email address using a verification process.

  • Cohorts are now used to group students taking a course together. This feature is managed through a new school admin page in each course.

UI and UX

  • Fixed the position of the Next Question button when taking quizzes, to make sure that it’s above other page navigation options.

  • Fixed an issue on the coaches’ students index page that would cause selected filters to be lost when navigating back from a student report page.

  • Student IDs are now displayed in the student report page; these identification numbers are unique, and are used across the LMS for quick identification.

  • Bumped the limit on the number of questions allowed in a quiz to 25.

  • In the community, post history is now shown only to the author of a post, coaches and school admins.

  • Improved the messaging around reduced access to a course after a student’s access to it has ended.


  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if the first team member of a team leaves after submitting work for review.

  • Fixed issues with print styling of the public page for issued certificates that had cropped up over time.

  • Fixed an issue with page load when visiting a student’s report page directly.

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